What is a Life Group?

Life Groups are the “life-blood” of Destiny Church. We have 3 phases of ministry. The best way for a person to grow in his or her faith is to be involved in something where you “do life” together. This is the foundation for Life Groups at Destiny: Grow Together

How often do they meet and what do you do?

Each group is different. Some meet every week. Others every other. Times vary depending on the group. As we all know in life, you have to be flexible. There’s lots of freedom with a little structure. Some groups go through a book study together while others will meet for coffee and talk sports and be a place for encouragement.

How can I find out more about Life Groups?

It’s always good to talk to someone who’s either leading one or is actively involved in a life group. Laura will always be able to help answer any questions you have. Call 920.336.7910 at the church office. You can reach her by email, too.