Stuck – Part 6

This week Pastor Sheldon continues our “Stuck” series with a message titled “The Fight.”  In this message he discusses the fight plan for becoming unstuck! Listen |...

Stuck – Part 3

This week Pastor Sheldon continues our “Stuck” series dealing with what he calls the “howevers” in life.  In this message he discusses people from the bible that did great things for God, however they had a sin that hindered them from reaching...

Stuck – Part 2

In life, “Giants” will rise up against us and leave us feeling stuck. In this second part of our “Stuck” series, Pastor Sheldon shows us how to confront those giants and move on to what God has for us.

Stuck – Part 1

This week we begin a new series where we will be looking at those difficult times in life that leave us feeling “Stuck.” In this weeks message, Pastor Sheldon opens the series talking about a man who was stuck at the pool of Bethesda and how Jesus helped him become unstuck.

The Last 24 – This Changes Everything

Happy Easter! In this final week of “The Last 24” sermon series Pastor Sheldon discusses the fact that if Jesus did in fact raise from the dead, it changes everything!

The Last 24 – It’s All About You

In this special Good Friday Service, Pastor Sheldon continues our “The Last 24” series discussing how the events around Jesus’ trial, the scourging, and the cross are all about us.