Stuck (Part 1)

by Destiny Church | Sermons

This week we begin a new series where we will be looking at those difficult times in life that leave us feeling “Stuck.”  In this weeks message, Pastor Sheldon opens the series talking about a man who was stuck at the pool of Bethesda and how Jesus helped him become unstuck.


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The Jesus Stories – The Truth About Hell

This week we continue “The Jesus Stories” series where we are looking at the parables of Jesus. In this message, Pastor Sheldon uses Jesus’ stories on hell to examine the truth about hell.


The Jesus Stories – Wandering Sheep

This week Pastor Kirk continues our series, “The Jesus Stories” using the story of the lost sheep to explore the question, “Why do sheep wander?”


The Jesus Stories – The Prodigal

This week Pastor Sheldon begins a new series called, “The Jesus Stories.” In this message he breaks apart the story of the Prodigal Son to see the three types of people we may identify with in it.


Father’s Day Message

Happy Father’s Day! This week Pastor Sheldon gives a message just for dads encouraging them to be the superhero they were born to be!