This week we begin a new series called Re: Build. In this series Pastor Sheldon uses the story of Nehemiah and Israel’s wall to explain the values of Destiny Church and where we believe God is taking us in 2017.

In this week’s message, Sheldon explains the problem and the response we should have to that problem.


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Detox – Week 2

In this message, Pastor Sheldon awakens us to some of the toxins we take in from our culture. He reminds us that there really is a battle going on for our soul. But, like Jesus, we have some self-defense techniques that can help us stand strong in battle.

Detox – Week 1

In this New Year’s Eve message, Pastor Sheldon gives message #1 in the new sermon series entitled DETOX. We discover that we have spiritual toxins that are hurting us spiritually. One of the biggest toxins is pride. In this message, we learn how to confront pride through fasting.

All I Want For Christmas – Week 4

In this Christmas Eve message, Pastor Sheldon completes this sermon series by talking about God’s Amazing Grace. God’s gift of Grace is ultimately our biggest need. Pastor Sheldon talks about how this gift changes everything.

All I Want For Christmas – Week 3

At that first Christmas, the Angel’s proclaimed that with Jesus comes Joy. In this message we discover the major differences between Happiness and Joy. Believe it or not, these differences matter.

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