Presentation1Did you know that Christmas (just behind Easter) has the second highest church attendance among all of the Holidays? What that means is, people who are not normal church attenders are more open to the idea at Christmas. If there’s ever an opportune time to invite a guest to visit church, Tis is the Season!

Here at Destiny, we are doing all that we can (as we always strive for) to be prepared for you and your guests, especially for this special occasion.

It all starts this Sunday, December 22nd at 10am, with the coolest Kid’s in town singing some awesome Christmas songs to get us in the Christmas spirit. Then, I am very excited to preach a very relevant message for all. The message is entitled, Tis the Season to Forgive, where I will be speaking about how to have “peace on Earth” through the powerful expression of forgiveness. This message impacts us all. And for all of our guests, they will receive a free book entitled, The Case for Christmas by Lee Strobel.

Then, on Tuesday, December 24th, we will be holding two Christmas Eve services to accommodate our expected crowds. There will be candles, Christmas carols, another relevant message entitled, Tis the Season for JOY. This is something I think we are all looking for throughout the year. Then, after the service, join us for refreshments in Liberty Hall and a time for connecting with one another before you rush off to your Christmas celebrations. Again, all of our guests will receive a free book in these services as well.

Here’s an idea that may help in your INVITES. Please consider opening up your home and INVITING guests into your home after the Christmas Eve service to celebrate this joyous occasion? Also, please consider inviting those you know who do not have families in town to celebrate with you. What a wonderful opportunity to express the Christmas spirit and Christ’s love to each other than to invite people into your home. To let you know, we will be in prayer for you as you have those INVITE conversations.

We are looking forward to seeing you and meeting your guests this Christmas!

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