A drilling rig, likeyy the one pictured here, is something we take for granted.  If you live outside the city water system a truck just like this was once parked on your property.  In just a few hours a small crew drilled down into the water table and dropped in a pump so you could have water in your home.
Unfortunately, these drilling rigs are not so common in many parts of our world.  Much of Africa is ravished in disease and sicknesses that could be remedied with good, clean water.
You may have noticed several of our teenagers wearing a green t-shirt that says “Maji” across the bottom.  The word “Maji” means “water” in Swahili and our youth group, along with other teenagers from all over Wisconsin, are raising money to buy a drilling rig for our missionaries in Africa.  We hope to raise all the money necessary to buy this rig in just thirty days!
Instead of raising money to drill individual wells in each village, we are hoping to buy a truck that can go drill a well for them all!  In addition to supplying each village with a well that will provide them with good clean water for years to come, our missionaries will be able to introduce the villagers to the living water that comes only through Jesus Christ.
Imagine the impact this one truck could have on the landscape of Africa!  Imagine the people that will learn about a Savior because teenagers in Wisconsin gave, to send someone that was able to meet their physical and spiritual needs!
Please pray for this effort.  Pray for our missionaries and pray for our teenagers as they raise money for this great cause!  If you would like to give toward this project please find a teenager wearing the green “Maji” t-shirt and sponsor them during this 30 day drive!
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