I want you to do something with me here. It will only take a moment and could cause a spark of motivation for you and your kids. Imagine with me an event where kids could go that would be…

1. An amazing, totally kid friendly, place of fun.

2. An incredible setting to learn about God’s truth for their lives in ways they fully understand.

3. An excellent opportunity for your kids to invite their friends to experience church in a whole new way. (You know the kid that comes over to your house every day and doesn’t really care to leave.)

4. A moment where kids of all ages hear from God, respond with their hearts, and are eternally changed.

I want you to imagine with me VBS (Vacation Bible School)! That’s right…VBS! This 5 night event has the potential to impact not only the lives of kids from all walks of life, but their parents as well. Our leaders are currently working and praying really hard to make sure that what you’re imagining becomes reality. BUT…we cannot do it without your help!

Here’s what we need you to do:

#1 Contact the church 920.336.7910 and see if there’s anything that you can do to help. (You don’t even need to pray about this one, just do it!)

#2 Pray about it! Pray for the event, the kids and families, and about your part you’ve been asked to do.

#3 Go out and ask your kids’ friends and parents if they can join your kids for this event. (STRONG CHALLENGE: This is an Outreach event. Don’t be content with just bringing your own kids only.)

VBS starts this Monday, July 22nd-26th. Registration each night is 6:15pm and VBS starts at 6:30pm.

I love Jesus heart for kid’s ministry when He says… “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.” Matt. 19:14

Since I’m on the subject of Kids Ministry…Have you heard about the Wednesday Night KIDZ CHURCH that happens every week at 7:00pm Check out the website www.destinydepere.org

for more information.

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