One of the overwhelming themes that you can’t help but pick up on as you read through the Gospels is the simple fact that God’s heart beats for the lost. It’s in nearly every paragraph of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Jesus is constantly at odds with the Religious People and often frustrated with his disciples, but time and time again, we read about Jesus’ passion for the lost. He simply loves them. He is patient with them and He never backs down from His mission to reach them.
As His church, it is our mission to carry on His mission. The lost should always be on the top of our priority list but it is easy to lose focus. It’s easy to begin focusing on our desires or needs but Jesus tells us where our focus should be in Matthew 6:33 where He says, “But seek first His Kingdom and His Righteousness, and all these things (our needs) will be given to you as well.”

As a Missional Bridge to our community, we need to take this very literally and there are a few exciting opportunities coming up that you can get involved in to help build God’s Kingdom and reach the lost in our area.
We are praying that this years VBS will have a bigger impact then ever. This is not a free babysitting service for the community. This years VBS will show children how to live at the highest standard as they learn about Paul and his passion for God and the lost.

Also this year, we are changing the church picnic. Instead of having an event just for our church family we are adding an outreach element with a car show! There are people in our community that are burned out on church or simply will not come, but they will come to see some cars. On August 11th, our parking lot will become a mission’s field as we begin building relationships with visitors that desperately need to know our Savior.
Please do not miss out on these events and get involved. Begin praying now that we will see God’s Kingdom advanced in these events. If you can help out with the VBS please see the VBS table in Liberty Hall and if you would like to help out with the Destiny Church Car Show and Family day please see me on Sunday. God is doing awesome things in our area and we will never reach what God has for us without you!

-Pastor Kirk

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