This Sunday is Mother’s Day! It’s one of those days to give recognition to the person who’s had a huge impact on all of our lives. Of all the people in our lives, this person deserves our most sincere appreciation. There’s SO MANY things that this person has done and continues to do in our lives. For example, here are 10 reasons why I appreciate my MOM:

1. Her love for my Dad. – I grew up in a home where I ALWAYS KNEW my parents loved each other.

2. Her sacrifice of time – Mom was always spending her time doing things for her children.

3. Her comforting spirit – Mom always had a reassuring spirit when she was around.

4. Her encouraging words – Mom was always my most supportive cheerleader.

5. Her spirit-led prayers – Mom consistently lifted up her children in prayer on a daily basis.

6. Her pursuit of the best for her home – Mom was always doing extra things to make our home a better place to live.

7. Her consistent discipline – Mom would “call me” on the things I knew I wasn’t doing right.

8. Her loving heart – I always knew my Mom loved me.

9. Her support for my dreams – Mom always encouraged me to chase my dreams.

10. Her relationship with Jesus Christ – My Mom knew Jesus personally which showed in she lived her life.

My Mom reminds me of the Woman that is described by Solomon in Proverbs 31. Today, my Mom is in failing health and unable to respond to our communication. I miss those times with her. As I look back, I wish that I had shared more of these thoughts of appreciation with her. This Mother’s Day, make sure you take the opportunity to communicate loud and clear your APPRECIATION for the Proverbs 31 Mother God has blessed you with.

“Love you Mom!”

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