Over the past couple weeks, I talked about what it takes to begin living the generous journey. We are so blessed in America and yet we’re living as though we don’t have enough. This past weekend, I talked about the three servants in Matthew 25. (By the way, our podcasts are being updated and you should be able to connect again on iTunes.) The first two servants did what any manager would want his people to do when they’ve been given a task: they made a return on the investment. The third did not. Instead, he squandered it and did nothing.

How many of us do that with the “stuff” we’ve been entrusted with?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s OK to have “stuff.” But when that stuff becomes our focus we lose sight of God’s intent when He gave us the wealth that we have. It’s all God’s anyway.

You and I are stewards of God’s resources.

By the way, over the past month, I’ve asked the church to step up above and beyond to help get some much needed media equipment and I’m overjoyed to say that you’ve responded generously. In the weeks since we took up the special offering, we were able to purchase a new media computer. We’ve also been experiencing problems with our projectors malfunctioning and presented another opportunity to give this weekend for 2 new projectors. We’re halfway there toward the goal of $1000 for these 2 projectors. I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Your generosity has a Kingdom impact!

I’m also excited for this Sunday’s Motorcycle Show at Destiny Church. The goal is simply to invite your motorcycle friends to service, give them a chance to show off their baby and take a ride together. To be honest, it’s about the bikes and the BBQ!

See you this Sunday!

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