According to recent statistics, it is estimated that two-thirds of Americans will plan to attend an Easter service during the Easter season. When I see this statistic, the word that comes to mind is, “OPPORTUNITY.”

At Easter, I see OPPORTUNITY for:

  1. Spiritual “Seekers”- Because of our culture, this is the season where people are more open and receptive to take in the things of God. I believe people are more spiritually “primed”.
  2. The Church – Because people are more open, there’s opportunity for the Church to “go into their world” and invite friends and neighbors to church. Believe it or not, there are people actually looking for a church to attend, they just don’t know of any. (Destiny Church would be a good church to attend… just sayin’!)
  3. The Kingdom of God – When lost people hear the Easter message of Jesus Christ, there is opportunity that people will receive Christ and be eternally transformed. I want to be a part of that!

Destiny Church, we are in a season of OPPORTUNITY! Let’s pray…then do all we can to invite friends to any of these three LIFE-GIVING Easter events.

Pancake Feed/Easter Egg Hunt – THIS SATURDAY, March 23rd, 9-11am

– Good Friday “Experience” Service – Friday, March 29th, 7pm

– Easter Sunday – Sunday, March 31st, Two Services (8:30 & 10am)

This Easter Season, ask God to give you the OPPORTUNITY to help make the difference in someone’s eternal life!

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