Last weekend, I shared a message I believe God put on my heart for the men of Destiny Church, specifically to challenge our men to be the spiritual leaders of the home. We have been given such great responsibility over our family and, yet, many men are not leading the way God should have us.

The key mark of a godly man is obedience. That is, knowing what to do through prayer, listening to God’s Word, and then doing by faith. Men must become servant leaders through mutual submission the way Paul writes in Ephesians 5:21-30.

Men also are responsible as fathers (Eph 6:4), providers (1Tim 5:8) and who live lives of honor (1Cor 6:18-20). No one said it was an easy walk to be a strong man of God. But if we will surrender our ego, our pride, and let God lead in our hearts, He will do what we’ve found is impossible to do ourselves.

I’m looking forward to this weekend’s ONE Marriage Encounter at Destiny Church. I believe God is going to bring marriages across this community together, closer than they’ve ever been. His plans for marriage aren’t complicated. His desire is that the two become one, united in Christ.

In closing, I want to share the Man Up Commitment that many men across our church gave their wives and significant others at the conclusion of the service.

Man Up Commitment

Forgive me for not being the Leader I’m called to be.

I commit from this day forward to

Love God with all my heart and

Be the servant leader, just like Jesus, in our home.

I will love, cherish, and protect you as my equal partner!

I will be the Godly father that our children deserve.

I will always do my best to provide for our home.

I will always strive to live a life of honor by

Daily pursuing Godly character and integrity.

Chew on these words and if you are serious about what you said last Sunday at the close of our service, I want to help you grow into that husband, father, and man of God you were destined to be.

Your first step is to bring your spouse to the ONE Marriage Encounter this weekend. See you there!

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