Some of the greatest growth moments in my faith journey have come during times when I have dedicated some significant time to prayer and fasting. In the 40 days leading up to Easter Sunday, I want to challenge you, the church, to set aside time each day for prayer specifically over one of the prayer focuses listed below as it relates to the ministry and people of Destiny Church. Then, commit one day (at least) to fasting something important to you (ie. food, soda, TV, music, internet, Facebook, etc). Here’s the plan:

40 Days of Focus: Wednesday, February 13th – Sunday, March 31st

Pray & Bible Journal: Each day during the 40 Days of Focus
Fast: One day – sign up in Liberty Hall so that each day will be filled by at least 1 person fasting.


  • A time to “Re-calibrate” your life-focus
  • A time of Repentance
  • A time of Refreshing

How & What?

  • Rethink Life 40-Day Devotional – (YouVersion App or Online)
  • Commit to spend time each day in God’s Word and prayer focus (listed below)
  • Journal – Ask God, “What are you saying to me?” Then write down each day the thoughts you feel God is sharing with you.
  • Fast – You pick what to give up for a day or a week… or even the 40 days. Sign up in Liberty Hall.

Prayer Focus

  • Leadership – Pastors, Leadership Team, Team Coordinators
  • Vision Expansion project
  • Life Group, Youth, Children ministries
  • Missionaries that we support around the world
  • Community impact – addiction recovery programs, marriages, salvation
  • Spiritual growth increase in lives throughout Destiny Church

Please consider being part of the 40 Days of Focus and watch as God shows up in new ways in your life this Easter Season!


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