One of the best habits to make in 2013 is to develop your bible reading habits. Maybe you’ve read the Bible once or twice – maybe cover to cover. No matter how much or how little you know, God is calling you to go deeper with Him this year. Often, one of the big three excuses that keeps us from going deeper is time.

“I don’t have enough time!”  “The books cost too much!”  “I don’t understand it!”

You know what? We all have thought that. In fact, a recent LifeWay survey has shown that only 20% of churchgoers read their Bible daily. You’d think with all this technology somebody would’ve made it easier to read the Bible, study the Bible and take it just about anywhere you’d want to go. Oh wait… there’s YouVersion!

And you can get the YouVersion Bible app on just about any computer or mobile smartphone/tablet you can think of. Happy New Year!

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