5 Reasons Voting Matters: Why Christians Should Engage Politically

1. Jesus Is King, Here and Now.

Jesus’ Kingdom has begun.

In theological terms, this is called “inaugurated eschatology”: The new Age—the long-awaited “Age to Come” where God brings His saving and restoring rule to earth—has begun in Christ.

This is the surprising announcement in the Gospels—that in Jesus, God has become King on Earth … now. This Kingdom is a “now and not yet” reality, however, and we find ourselves living between two ages: this present “evil age” and the promised “age to come.”

When the first Christians called Jesus “Lord” and “Savior,” they were taking titles that were used of Caesar—the greatest ruler of the known world in their day. They were basically calling Caesar a sham because Jesus is the true Lord and Savior.

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