“Happy Anniversary!” That’s right, it was just one year ago tomorrow that we moved ahead and signed the papers to purchase the Destiny Church building…and what a year it has been. I’ll never forget that day, as we walked into the bank, wondering in my head how this was all going to work out, but knowing with full confidence in my heart that God was in this. I look back and remember all of those work days, facing certain obstacles in the building process, praying about it with the Team, and then watching God show up, as sometimes the answer literally walked in the door. Many times, the answer was you walking through the door with your willingness to give of yourself to this project. Yeah, this past year was definitely a year of faith-building and joy to see what God can do.

When I think about all that has happened, I think of (Psalm 66:5) where it says, “Come and see what our God has done, what awesome miracles he performs for people!”

Here’s the cool part about this…GOD IS NOT YET DONE! There are still major pieces of the building that need to be completed (sanctuary, kitchen, furniture, parking lot, etc.) More importantly, God is not done building this Church. He has given us this building and property to use so that we can be a more effective Missional-bridge to the lost people in our world.

Here’s my challenge. We’ve done a pretty good job of renovating a bar into a church. (I love that story-line!) Now, we need your help to build this Church into a Freedom-House. A place where people can come and discover God’s love, receive God’s love, and know God’s love, which brings freedom into people’s lives. You are the best advertising we’ve got! Will you help make it happen?

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